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Our Business Model:

UNAVOX is a brand new Mobile Webcast service built on the foundation of PowerHouseDV, which has been serving the Ontario market for over 25 years. We employ 'fibre optic' technology and Blackmagic Design HD mixing to provide our clients with the highest possible quality HD recordings and 'live streaming' options.

We also continue to offer full-service HD video production and editing and can create content for your business or artistic endeavor for any platform you desire.

We offer a 50% reduction for artists and not-for-profit agencies and our studio rates start at $25 per hour.

Typical half-day single camera packages are $500, and multiple camera location rates begin at $1000 per day.

 Here's a pricing matrix:

# of cameras           rate/day**:       artists/nfp rate               includes:

1                                              500                      250                              basic edit/master/upload  the following day                                                                            

2                                           1000                      750                  full edit of both camera feeds/master/upload next day

3                                           1600                   1000                             live switching webcast feed *        /2 person crew

3                                           2400                   1200                                         "        "                          "                    /3 person crew

4                                           2600                   1300                                         "        "                           "                   /3 person crew

4                                           2800                   1400                                         "        "                           "                   /4 person crew

5                                           3000                   1500                                        "         "                           "                   /4 person crew

6                                           3200                   1600                                         "        "                           "                   /5 person crew

*  includes Master compressed recording in 1080p H264 compression for web broadcast as well as a Web archive

    additional Masters, raw camera archives and edited Masters also available

** day rates are based on up to 6 hr. record/stream - additional charges may apply

Broadcast Crew:

Stephen Rose: Producer/Director/Editor    MFA - Film and Video, PhD - Digital Media

Michael Morritt: Director of Photography/Animator/FX coordinator and owner of

John Crown: Camera Operator, Music Producer and Sound Editor

James McKenty: Sound Mixer, Music Producer

Kyle Barker: Camera Operator

Sam Rose: Camera Operator/Graphic artist and owner of

Camden Rose: Camera Operator/Music Producer and owner of




50% off all new production and post for Artists and NFP's. Just give us a call!

We are also looking for occasional Camera operators and sound mixers; please submit your resume via our email contact.

Address inquiries to:

Stephen Rose,                                      

9 Roberta Crescent, Ottawa, ON K2J1G5                       613-805-5224